Things to do in Sulcis Iglesiente

Sulcis Iglesiente - South West Sardinia

Holidays are also the opportunity to practice outdoor activities, and here, in the south-west of Sardinia, there are opportunities to do so. You can go on foot along the cliff, you can take part in a trekking on horseback or by bicycle, you can learn kite surfing, you can dive into the sea, you can rent a boat. The places and the sea here are wonderful for these activities. In addition, it will be easy for you to find the people who teach, who accompany you, and if you do not have the equipment you can rent it

For cycling lovers

Tourists who have rented a villa or apartment should not miss the opportunity to visit Sulcis by bike. It is possible to use normal bicycles because most of the roads are asphalted, but if you like to go out into nature it is better to rent a mountain bike. In this part of Sardinia you have the opportunity to see a lot of things, and to enjoy them. Often the road runs along the beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea, or runs along the ponds populated by pink flamingos. Tourists can easily find bicycle rental services, which will not fail to give information on the most fascinating routes.

For lovers of fishing and swimming.

It is possible to rent a boat guided by local fishermen. You can thus experience the exciting fishing adventure in different ways: with nets, with a hand line (bottom fishing), with trolling (deep sea fishing), or with longlines with fifty hooks. It may be possible to cook freshly caught fish on board. And in the breaks of fishing enjoy the sun and take a swim in the If you prefer to visit the coasts without the presence of fishermen on board, the best solution is to rent a motor boat. Along the marinas, both of Calasetta and Sant'Antioco, you will easily find "rubber dinghy" rentals. Make sure the lease also includes insurance.

For those who love walking in nature

The hiking trails and trails are delightful. It is possible to go from a beach to a cliff along beautiful paths through the scrub and through the flowers, but always in view of the sea. In the villas or apartments for rent you will find information on the trails and people who organize groups of hikers. Absolutely to try is the path of the Blue Mines. A path that starts from the beaches of Arbus and ends in Buggerru. It is a path that allows you to cross the pristine part of the coast between cliffs and wonderful sea views.

Scuba diving

The depths of the island of Sant'Antioco, once famous for coral fishing, are still very rich, despite the passage of time. The coast is filled with cliffs and coves, and the waters are crystal clear, which is why scuba diving is a popular activity. In Sant'Antioco, Calasetta and Carloforte there are some diving centers and diving schools, which can also rent equipment

Horse riding and horse trekking.

There are several riding schools on the island of S. Antioco and on the nearby mainland. In your villa or apartment you will find all the leaflets of these riding centers. If you are a beginner, these equestrian schools will teach you how to ride in a short period of time. If you are an expert, you can ask to join hiking and trekking.

Kite Surf

Contrary to popular belief, the south west of Sardinia lends itself very well to kiting thanks to the presence of the wind in all seasons and from all quadrants In the Sulcis Iglesiente area, there are various schools offering courses for all levels