beaches near our holiday homes

South West Sardinia Beaches

Few places in the world have a sea and an infinite series of beaches, inlets and rocks like southern Sardinia; ideal place for holidays in uncrowded beaches, crystal clear waters and unspoiled natural landscapes.


Maladroxia beach is a beautiful beach of light and soft sand characterized by a beach bathed by a crystalline and emerald-colored sea, with a seabed that slopes gently towards the open sea. Numerous services nearby, including convenient parking, bars, restaurants, shops.


Coaquaddus beach is located in Sant'Antioco. It is a beautiful sandy beach with a transparent sea with a gently sloping seabed. The beach has a wild charm, despite being very popular with tourists in the high season.


The beach of Cala Sapone is located on the west coast of the island of Sant'Antioco and is characterized by a shallow seabed that makes it easy for children to play in the water; from the beach or the sea it is possible to reach other small bays, all very suggestive.
The beach is full of services: it has a small parking lot. At the refreshment point it is possible to rent an umbrella, deck chairs and a single pad.


The Portixeddu di Buggerru beach is characterized by fine sand, is very suggestive and offers splendid transparent backdrops. The beach is very wide and has thick and green vegetation behind it.
It is possible to rent deck chairs and umbrellas and the area offers a small car park, bar and refreshment point.


Cala Domestica di Buggerru is an inlet characterized by mixed fine sand. Close to the beach there are sand dunes, among which the ruins of warehouses belonging to the nearby mines are still visible.
The sea is a beautiful blue, especially noticeable on calm days, and has a shallow seabed. In the same fjord there is also another small pearl, La Caletta, reachable through a tunnel once dug into the rock by miners. The beach offers ample parking and a refreshment point.

MASUA beach

Masua beach stretches along the coast of the island, a few kilometers from the town of Iglesias. It is a beach of light sand bathed by a beautiful crystalline, green and transparent sea.
The beach is unique in its kind as it is possible to enjoy the view of the Pan di Zucchero stack.


The beach of Fontanamare extends inside the suggestive gulf of Gonnesa.
It is a beautiful beach about 4 kilometers long characterized by a wide beach, fine sand and rich vegetation.
The beach is a popular destination for surfers in search of the waves generated by the mistral.


The Plag'e Mesu beach stretches out in the center of the Gulf of Gonnesa (the name actually means Mezzo beach).
It is a beautiful beach of light sand characterized by a fantastic beach over 4 kilometers long that connects Porto Paglia with Funtanamare. Thanks to the width of the beach, even in high season there is never an excessive overcrowding. The sea in this area is crystalline, green and transparent, with depths that slope gently towards the open sea. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and offers numerous services, including convenient parking.


The beach of Porto Paglia extends at one end of the suggestive gulf of Gonnesa.
It is a long sandy beach lapped by a beautiful transparent sea, much loved by surfers in search of the waves generated by the mistral. The beach is dominated by the ancient tonnara di Gonnesa, once one of the most important in the Mediterranean. At the southern end of the beach, through the shallow waters it is possible to reach the suggestive "little church of the tonnara", built directly on the rocks.


Porto Pino beach is unique and very famous for its white sand and the clarity of its emerald waters. The beach also offers a fascinating landscape as behind it there are some of the highest and largest dunes in Sardinia.
The beach is well equipped, suitable for fishing, diving and sailing and offers bars, restaurants, parking, camping.