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  • private vacation rental houses

    Southern Sardinia Holiday Home / Apartments

    In southern Sardinia for rental accommodation it is easy to find a location near some of the most beautiful white sand beaches, interspersed with bays, inlets and cliffs, facing a crystal clear sea.

  • affitti privati sardegna sud

    Private rentals

    • Villas and apartments are immersed in the Mediterranean scrub
    • This part of Sardinia is hardly reached by mass tourism
    • Prices are competitive
    • Your satisfaction is our goal

Private individuals rent their holiday homes.
The villas for rent, and apartments are of high quality.
All accommodations have verandas and gardens of Mediterranean scrub. .

Holiday Homes / Apartments South Sardinia

Sardinia is perhaps the region where the most beautiful beaches in the world are found. The north of Sardinia has become very popular and attracts millions of tourists every summer, and perhaps for this reason it begins to be considered too crowded and submerged in concrete. In the villas and holiday apartments in southern Sardinia, you will have the opportunity to enjoy water sports (sailing, surfing, scuba diving) and other outdoor activities (cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, horse trekking, tennis). There are many holiday homes in Sardinia in small towns along the southwest coast, they are almost always not far from the sea, and also offer to experience country life in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. You can be sure: in the apartments and villas of southern Sardinia you can enjoy a wonderful holiday, sunbathing on a beach, or sitting on the veranda from which you can see the flowers and plants of your garden and the hills covered with scrub. Mediterranean. Your choice to spend your holiday in southern Sardinia will also allow you to explore all the attractions (mines, museums, archaeological sites), without having to travel far from your villa or apartment. Your family and group of friends can also experience the daily life of the local people, going to the street market, or to the port early in the morning to buy freshly caught fish, cook barbecues in the garden, or go all together. enjoy local dishes and wines in a restaurant.